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Party Strippers... Sydney

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 Party Stripper Service Sydney 

Office...    02 9769 1555

Mobile...   0447 745 235

• Bucks Nights  • Birthdays  • Farewells
• Hens Parties  • Bridal Showers
 • Special Occasions


Male Stripper And Female Stripper Outcall Service

We Come To Your Party


 Need A Sexy Stripper 

 We Can Help You 

 All it takes is one telephone call 


In less than 2 minutes we can...


  • Confirm your party date

Female Strippers

  • Confirm available strippers

Female Strippers

  • Confirm choice of stripper

Female Strippers

  • Confirm stripper price

Female Strippers

  • Confirm starting time

Female Strippers

  • Confirm choice of costume

Female Strippers

  • Confirm payment options

Female Strippers


All With No Obligations

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Strippers On Standby

 Party Stripper Services Available 

•  Female Strippers

Female Strippers

•  Female Lap Dancers

Stripper / Hostess Combo

•  Male Strippers

Blonde Strippers

•  Male Lap Dancers

Stripper / Hostess Combo

•  Fatagram Strippers

Male Strippers

•  Male Waiters

Stripper / Hostess Combo

•  Female Waitresses

Male Strippers


 For Hire - All Occasions 


•  Bucks Nights

Bucks Nights

•  Birthdays


•  Hens Parties

Hens Partys

•  Farewells


•  Fundraisers


•  Bridal Showers

Bridal Showers

•  Stag Parties

Stag Partys

•  Christmas Parties

Bucks Nights


 Available In These Areas 


•  Sydney & Suburbs

Sydney and suburbs.

•  Central Coast

Central Coast

•  Newcastle

Central Coast

•  Blue Mountains

Blue MOuntains

•  Wollongong


•  Nowra


•  Canberra



 Our Service Includes 


•  No deposit required

No deposit required!

•  Pay cash on arrival

Pay cash on arrival!

•  No booking fee's

No booking fee charges!

•  No cancellation charges

No cancellation charges!

•  Competative prices

Competative prices guaranteed!

•  Choice of stripper

Choice of stripper!

•  Choice of costume

Choice of costume!

•  Telegram for victim

Telegram for victim!


 Never Pay A Deposit 

Don't Get Ripped Off

Reason # 1 : Never, ever, pay a deposit to any Agency for a stripper. It's the easiest and quickest way for you to lose your hard earned money... Don't do it.

Warning : The single biggest complaint we get each week is from callers who paid deposits to various other Agents to hire strippers, and the strippers didn't turn up.

Some Agents even blame the customer for the stripper not turning up at there party, and refuse to refund there deposit.

It happens all the time.

Our advice... never pay a deposit.

Reason # 2 : Avoid Agencies who don't display a "Price List" on there website...

How can you do business with an Agent that makes lots of promises, but hide there prices, so you can't see them.

Our advice... avoid these Agents.

Reason # 3 : There are some Agents that are nothing more than scam artists, who refuse to refund customers deposits when the stripper fails to appear at there party. It happens all the time.

Our advice... never pay a deposit.

Here at Party Strippers we never ask for a deposit, you simply pay your stripper cash on arrival... how easy is that.


Pay Stripper Cash On Arrival

No "Booking Fee" Charges


Agency Contact Details

Sydney office...

02 9769 1555



Mobile phone...

0447 745 235


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