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Sydney Agents To Avoid

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 Striptease Agents To Avoid 

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Never, ever pay an Agent a deposit.

Read below, and see why.


Stop : Read This

Don't get ripped off.

There are plenty of Striptease  Agencies operating around Australia, apart from our own Party Strippers here in Sydney, that also provide top class stripper services, you just need to apply the "tips" listed below, before you make your choice.

Tip # 1 : Never, ever, pay a deposit to any Agency for a stripper. It's the easiest and quickest way for you to lose your your hard earned money... Don't do it.

Warning : The single biggest complaint we get each week is from callers who paid deposits to some other Agents to hire strippers, and the strippers didn't turn up.

It happens all the time.

Best advice... never pay a deposit.

Tip # 2 : Avoid Agencies who don't display a "Price List" on there website...

How can you do business with an Agent that makes lots of promises, but hide there prices from you to see.

Tip # 3 : Stay away from Agents that advertise there services across multiple States of Australia... a lot of these Agents are located in places, as far away as Perth in Western Australia.

Time zone differences between some States, makes phone communication with these Agents almost nearly impossible.

Especially on Friday & Saturday nights, when you want to check on your booking.

Our Advice : Book with an Agency that only services the "State" your located in.

Tip # 4 : Be suspicious of Agencies that display a "Price List" webpage that does not have any "prices" on it, just a list of $POA, and a phone number to call.

A lot of Sydney Agents are guilty of this annoying practice. Better to look for an Agency that display there actual prices.

Tip # 5 : Never, for any reason, pay a "Booking Fee" to an Agent to guarantee your choice of stripper...

Never pay a "Booking Fee" to an Agent, regardless of what they may promise you.

Tip # 6 : Ask the Agent if they charge a fee for "Last Minute Cancellations".

If they do... don't book with them.

Tip # 7 : Ask the Agent if the stripper you get, will be one that's displayed on there website... ask for a guarantee.

If they cant give you this guarantee, don't use them. This is another reason why you should never pay a deposit or booking fee in advance... its not worth the risk.

Tip # 8 : Stay away from any so called "Private or Independent Strippers" that some friend, of a friend, of a friend, met somewhere... they very rarely turn up, and if they do, its usually about 2 or 3 hours too late... there just not worth the risk.

Our advice... use an established Agency.

Here at Party Strippers we never ask for a deposit, you simply pay your stripper cash on arrival... how easy is that.


Pay Cash On Arrival

No "Booking Fee" Charges


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