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 Fatagram Jobs In Sydney 

Call Now! (02) 9769 1555 

We answer our telephones 24 hours a day

Are you looking for a new job?

  Then why not give us a call!

Fatagram Jobs In Sydney

We currently require two more fatagrams to help cover our busy work load in Sydney on weekends.... no stripping is  required.

If your not making enough money with your presant job, why not give us a call, and see what we have to offer. Our telephones are open 24hrs a day.

We provide you with one of our female drivers to take you to your shows. They pick you up at the beginning of the night and take you home when your finished. They even go into your shows with you, to keep you company, and to protect your belongings while you perform  your show.

"No other striptease agencies in Sydney provide there dancers with a female driver and personal assistant to work with, except for us."

It cost nothing to give us a call, so why not pick up the phone and call us now!!!

Ask for... Maddison or Jaron.

Call : (02) 9769 1555

All it takes is one simple phone call and you could be earning big money today.

  • Earn a weeks pay in one night.
  • Paid in cash... daily.
  • No stripping required.
  • No contracts to sign.
  • Immediate start.
  • Beginners welcome.
  • Training given.
  • Pick your own hours.
  • Transport is provided

You can choose to work 7 days a week, or just on weekends, making it the perfect job choice for university students, backpackers or anyone looking for a high paying second income... so why not give us a call today.

Job Interview Guide ( For Beginners)

Step #1 : For your very first interview we normally arrange to meet you at our Sydney office, or a local coffee shop.

At this meeting we will explain the job to you in detail, and answer any questions that you may have, about income and employment... takes about 30 minutes.

Step #2 : Your second meeting will be on the job, where you accompany a fatagram to a couple of shows, so you get to see first hand, what the job is all about.

Step #3 : Attend our "free" dance studio lessons, on how to be a fatagram.

Step #4 : Start work... time to begin making lots of serious money. How easy is that!

Note : All job applicants have the option to change there mind at any time. Becoming a fatagram is a personal choice, that only you can make... but if you do, you will find the financial rewards, and job security, are excellent... a phone call is all it takes.

Become a part of our friendly team, by calling our office on the number listed below... and speak to us today.


Call our mobile phone...


Choose Your Own Hours

Transport And Driver Available


Call Now! (02) 9769 1555 

We answer our telephones 24 hours a day


Services  Male  Female  Prices

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