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Sarah : Extra Large Model



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 Fatagram... topless



Our standard fatagram show, designed for mixed audiences where you want to embarrass the victim, but not be too rude. The pants stay on your fatagram stripper while entertaining the victim with a raunchy lap dance. A fun show suitable for mixed audiences.


 Fatagram... full nude



A lot raunchier than the "Fatagram Topless" stripshow. This time your fatagram  will remove her pants and bra and confront the victim with her fully naked body, up close and personal with a sexy lap dance. This is a full nude stripshow and is suitable for mixed audiences.


 Fatagram... x-rated



You get to watch as your fatagram stripper pleasures herself with a selection of dildos, vibrators and lollipops. There is also plenty of interaction with the party victim, and a xxx fatagram lap dance at the end. Plenty of leg openers in this show. If you want to embarrass the intended victim, then this the show that will do it. Not a pretty sight... you have been warned.


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 Madam Lash



 Biker Girl




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Call Now! (02) 9769 1555 

We answer our telephones 24 hours a day

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