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Important : Read This : There are plenty of Striptease Agents around Australia, including our very own Party Strippers here in Sydney, that provide top class stripper services, you just need to apply the "tips" listed below, before you make your choice.

Even if you apply only half of the tips provided below, your party will be a lot better for it...

Tip # 1 : Never, ever, for any reason, pay a deposit to an Agency for a booking. It's the easiest and quickest way for you to possibly lose your hard earned cash.

Warning : The single biggest complaint we get each week, is from callers who paid deposits to some other Agents for strippers, and the strippers didn't turn up.

And when they try to call the Agents for an explanation, nobody will answer there phones.

It happens all the time... our advice, never pay a deposit.

Tip # 2 : Avoid Agents who do not clearly display there "PRICES" on there website.

Ask Yourself : Do you really want to do business with a Striptease Agent that makes lots of promises, but then go and hide there prices from public view.

Best advice here, is to choose a Striptease Agency that does display there "prices" for you to see.

Tip # 3 : Avoid Agents that advertise there services across multiple States of Australia.

A lot of these Agents are based in places as far away as Perth in Western Australia.

Time zone differences between some States, makes phone communication with these Agents on Friday and Saturday nights almost impossible... especially if you're a Sydney customer.

How can you get information about your "Booking" if they don't answer the phone.

There usual excuse..."we were busy"...

Our Advise : Book with an Agency that services only the "State" your located in.

Tip # 4 : Be suspicious of Agencies that display a "Price List" webpage that doesn't have any prices on it, just a list of $POA, and a phone number to call...

Our View : Whats the point of having a "Price List" if you don't display any prices. A lot of Sydney Striptease Agents are guilty of this annoying practice.

Best advice here, is to choose an Agency that does display there actual prices, for you to view.

Tip # 5 : Never for any reason, pay a "Booking Fee" to an Agent, who promises that you can get a specific stripper, if you pay a deposit...

Never pay a "Booking Fee" to any Agent, no matter what they promise you.

Tip # 6 : Ask the Agent if they charge a "fee" for last minute cancellations...

If they do... don't book with them.

Tip # 7 : Ask the Agent if the stripper you get, will be one that's displayed on there website.

If they cant give you this guarantee, don't use them. This is another reason why you should never pay a deposit or booking fee in advance... its not worth the risk.

Tip # 8 : Stay away  from so called "Private Strippers" or "Independent Strippers" that a friend, of a friend, of a friend, met somewhere.

They very rarely turn up, and if they do, its usually about 2 or 3 hours too late... there just not worth the risk.

Our advice... better to book your entertainment with an established Agency.


Regards : Sandra Dee

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