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The best venue we recommend for your bucks party, hens night or special occasion is your own place or a friends place... it's a lot cheaper, and saves a lot of problems on the night. The best part is, because its cheap, you'll have more money for extra alcohol and more strippers.

A big problem using "Licensed Venues" or "Private Hotels" for your bucks night or private party, is that you only need to have one of your guests say or do something wrong while at the venue, and your group could be asked to leave... so you need to make sure everyone behaves themselves. Thats why we recommend using your own place... less problems.

All the pubs, hotels, karaoke bars and licensed venues listed on the following pages can be used for your bucks party, hens night, birthday, farewell or private occasion, but there are rules to follow if you want your party to succeed.

Make sure you read all the tips and suggestions we have listed on the following pages, as they are very important... especially if you plan on booking strippers or waitresses.



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Remember that the best venue we recommend for your bucks party or special occasion is at your own place or that of a friends. Its a lot easier, and can save you a huge amount of problems on the day. And as we mentioned above, its so cheap, you'll have more money to buy extra alcohol, and hire strippers... that's got to be a good thing.


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